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The North Pacific sub-tropical gyre, also, dubbed “the Asian Trash Trail” the “Trash Vortex” or the “Eastern Garbage Patch”, is a appalling example of man not taking care of the Earth he has been given by the grand Creator of all. Located not that far north of Hawaii, is this man-made floating island, at least the size of Texas and some say its already twice that size.

How does that affect us? More than we can ever realize. Rather than have me go on and summarize these articles, go to and http://shttp://www.greenpeace.org/international/campaigns/oceans/pollution/trash-vortex?MM_URL=http://oceans.greenpeace.org/en/our-oceans/pollution/trash-vortexeattletimes.nwsource.com/html/pacificnw04232006/coverstory.html  , and read the articles for yourself.

We have a beautiful planet; glorious places to visit and enjoy. However, if we don’t take action, if we don’t join together and perhaps forgo our insatiable need for convenience and “throw aways,” we will not have pristine beaches to enjoy or sea animals to watch in awe. They will be gone!

Take a look at the map at http://oceans.greenpeace.org/en/the-expedition/news/trashing-our-oceans/ocean_pollution_animation . Scroll to the expected outlook for 6 years from now and how it is expected to grow. It’s getting serious in our lifetime, Folks, and, if this is happening now, what will our  grandchildren have to look forward to?  Currents shown, also, affect our weather patterns. This just isn’t a garbage concern and a wildlife concern, it now becomes a global environmental/weather concern.

Just one example of wildlife being affected: Fulmars, beautiful birds that seldom come into land areas except to take care of their young, are dying on beaches on our West Coast because of all the plastic they are ingesting at sea. They can’t distinguish between garbage and real food so the garbage, especially plastic refuse, kills them. It’s is heart-rending. And, not all plastic garbage floats. Much of it sinks and the garbage, tons and tons of it with it’s chemical compounds, kills, smothers, marine life at the bottom of the seas.

Go to www.greenpeace.org. Sign up for their newsletter. Be part of the solution and not a contributor to the problem. It is said that if only 11% of the population will do something to help a cause, it will be successful.  It’s not too late. Let’s all do our part to Live Green. Here is a little 1 minute video for you. Hope you enjoy, Donna

Couldn’t download the video, so here is the link: http://oneminuteshift.com/videos/its_not_too_late

“The crises facing our planet can be overwhelming. But it is not too late for change,” says Van Jones, a respected social justice leader. In this inspiring video, he shares that change begins with a worldview that says we’re not going to leave anyone behind. Together, we can make the shift beyond a throw-away culture to a world in which everything is respected as sacred.


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