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The world is changing. What use to be a world of purity in agriculture, leaving nature to do its own thing year after year, is becoming big business. Big corporations are turning farming into money-making, agricultural-science that is tainted with Frankenstein-like tendencies.

About 30 years ago, there was a movie produced entitled Henderson Monster. It is available on NetFlix. It was not dealing with science-fiction monsters as the title infers. Instead, it was a subtle expose’ of how science, even in university labs, was big business and suggested that someday man would “own” genetic codes. Man, corporations, would have the ability to control life, manipulate life,…even own life, if you will.

There was once the comment made: He who controls the food, controls the population. It appears to be coming to that. The above paragraph, is now reality. Big corporations, like Monsanto, do “own” the genetic codes of plant seeds. Farmers are finding, that once they start using them, they have to continue using the seeds on infinitum. Oh, and then there’s the animal genes in our food-GMO’s, and…well, … that’s another post. To elaborate on that at this time would probably make this post at least ten pages.—Another time.

To get back to the subject at hand–There are bills being considered in Congress that are bringing to an urgency something that we all must be informed of if the choice to eat organic foods is of importance to you. They are bills HR. 875 and S. 425 (Click on links to view bills). The bills, like many, incorporate many issues in them, but, even though lengthy, it is of vital concern to those who value their rights to live holistically.

Take the time to read the bill yourself, and read between the lines. Under a heading described as protecting the public health and ensuring the safety of food, it creates a new “Food Safety Administration” within Health and Human Services. Oddly, it doesn’t just add regulations to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which is also under HHS. The bill applies to all manner of “Food Establishments” and “Food Production Facilities” (the following is an excerpt).

(14) FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITY- The term ‘food production facility’ means any farm, ranch, orchard, vineyard, aquaculture facility, or confined animal-feeding operation. The bill could appear to even cover some fishing boats and potentially your downtown hot dog street vendors…

I encourage you to peruse the bill, particularly sections 206 and 207 under title 2, and section 3 that classifies the different definitions. The definitions will explain what the 5 classifications of the food establishments are. In essence, the small time farmer may have to jump giant hoops in the testing of foods, and new types of storage, etc., since it is very broadly-based written. That is the problem. Also, all these new regulations would be very expensive to conform to, and, if that be the case, government loans would be needed, and…you know what’s next as a result of that: Conformity without choice. By not conforming and following suit of the new regulations, they will be in violation leading, no doubt, to a great price to be paid. In addition, again, by the way it is written, everything points to the possibility that the small time organic farmer could be penalized for trying to adhere to their God-given right to be holistic in farming.

Refer to the above points. Call your legislators if you are impelled to do so: 1-202-224-3121. Let’s preserve the small organic gardener. We need them! And, if anyone has a small organic garden in their own back yard, it might, may, could, heaven forbid, apply to you.

Have a great, natural living day,
www.be-alkaline.com    Live Green-Be eco-friendly! Don’t pollute the Earth! Use electrolytic (ionized) water in your garden and to clean your home: It’s  Amazing! And, it’s children and pet friendly! If that’s as important to you as it is to me, contact me for more information. The Earth depends on us to take care of it…for future generations.

 “Food is power. Are you in control of yours?” John Jeavons
Quote from the book: Harvest for Hope…A Guide to Mindful Eating by Jane Goodall
Guest submitter-My husband


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With the onslaught of everything being put to DVD’s and CD’s, the collections of some people are getting very large and many people are disposing of those they don’t want anymore. What impact is that making on the environment?

In 1983, there were only 800,000 discs distributed worldwide according to an article written by Susie Ruth, “The Dawn of CD/DVD Recycling.” The sales have now been “upped to 30 billion discs a year.”  And, as with everything else, we dispose of them. “Millions of these–unwanted, damaged or obsolete–end up in landfills, or worse, incinerated.” When is the insanity going to stop?

The problem that exists is that discs are made from a combination of materials which consists of a “volume of virgin resource use, manufacturing pollution, and waste” that is staggering. Ms Ruth describes the materials as this: “Aluminum from ore, gold, multiple dyes, and acrylic lacquer and polycarbonate made from fossil fuels. Glass, nickel, silver come into play, plus lots of water.” 

 To counter this overwhelming problem, Bruce Bennett, owner of Duplication Supply Group, launched the CD Recycling Center and Education Program. He stated he found that most people simply didn’t know what to do with unwanted Cd’s and DVD’s. “Every month 100,000 pounds of discs become useless.”

So since this program has been made available the center has been able to recycle over “2 million discs, 25% from individuals, and 75% from corporations” so far. It may not sound like much, but at least it’s a start to solving what is becoming a really big problem and will only escalate in the future. The recycled discs are being made into everything from building materials to auto parts. So “recycling discs not only saves energy and water, it, also, saves trees,” says Ms. Ruth. 

Suggestions in the article from Mr. Bennett: Instead of discarding old discs, share them with a friend, donate or trade them, or give them to a public library. And, with proper respect and care, any discs you may get in the future can last for a very long time if you simply keep them from extreme heat, cold, humidity, and sunlight.

For more information, or to send your discs for recycling, contact: Compact Disc Reycling enter of North America, 68H Stiles Rd., Salem, NH, 03079. Email to: info@cdrecyclingcenter.org , or call: 603-890-8996 to answer your questions about the program.

 Till next time…Live Green, & be Eco-friendly. Let’s take care of our only home: Earth!

Take care & God bless,


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The following is a recent letter that is being widely circulated to bring attention to an environmental issue affecting the Ouachita River. The letter states the opinion of Friends of Felsenthal, Inc. in reference to the Proposed El Dorado Wastewater Effluent Pipeline to the Ouachita River:FRIENDS OF FELSENTHAL, INC.
P. O. BOX 904
AR 71635
Ronnie Greer, President
392 Nick Springs Rd.
El Dorado, AR 71730
March 28, 2006
Re: Proposed El Dorado Wastewater Effluent Pipeline to the Ouachita RiverTo all concerned,
On behalf of the Friends of Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge, over a 100 member,
not for profit volunteer organization, I am writing to share our serious concerns
surrounding the referenced project and its potential impact on the Ouachita River
and downstream wetland systems.
According to the information we have, this project, as currently proposed,
calls for approximately a 9.5 mile pipeline, to be constructed that would transport city
municipal waste water along with effluent from El Dorado Chemical, Great Lakes Chemical
(now Chemture) and Lion Oil Companies to a discharge point on the Ouachita River. Natural
resources presant within the Ouachita River floodplain downstream of the proposed discharge
point are tremendous and include excellent sport and commercial fisheries, excellent resident
wildlife populations and excellent migratory bird resources including winter waterfowl populations
approaching ½ million birds.

The Moro Bay State Park, Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge, Lower Ouachita/Beryl Anthony
Wildlife Management Area and Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge in northern Louisiana
are just some of the public lands downstream of the discharge location and on into the floodplain
of North Louisiana and The Black Bayou National Wildlife Refuge and Bayou Desiard, which the
cities of Monroe, LA. receive their city water. Felsenthal Refuge alone receives over 400,000
visitors annually which generates millions of dollars to the local and regional economy.

Save the Ouachita, Inc., also a not for profit conservation organization with several hundred
members in 2004, hired a nationally recognized environmental engineer, Dr. Clifford Randall,
Virginia Tech University, to evaluate the potential environmental impacts associated with this project.
Attached for your review and information is a summary of Dr. Randall’s preliminary evaluation and
recommendations following his recent tour of the proposed project. Our concerns echo those of
Dr. Randall. We have him looking at the “Umbrella Permit” the Arkansas Dept. of Environmental
Quality has issued. If you would like printed copies sent to you of the permits or Dr. Randall’s report, we will
be happy to send them to you.

While the Friends of Felsenthal oppose the project as currently proposed, due to no consideration
being given to other approaches or cumulative impacts, we also desire to support the city and the
industries that would benefit from the project in the exploration and implementation of alternatives
to the project. We could support and would suggest examining alternatives that would either eliminate
the potential negative impacts or substantially minimize the potential impacts while mitigating those
impacts that cannot be eliminated.

To our knowledge, actual scope of this proposal along with effluent discharge amounts have not been
made public, nor evaluations of cumulative impacts developed, so it is impossible to fully evaluate
the proposal. The entire permitting process for this proposal should receive full public and professional
scrutiny through development of viable alternatives that examines cumulative potential impacts while
providing opportunities for public involvement in accordance with established NEPA processes.

We were promised a year ago, when we strongly brought up the detrimental impact this would have,
to the attention of the ADEQ and EPA in our region, that a year long testing period would be done to form
a Baseline for Water Quality to do modeling runs of changes in the parameters caused by the impact
of the outfall from this pipeline. .As it has not even been a year and we have not been informed what the
baseline is, how could they possibly set any limits? We had respectfully requested Arkansas Department of
Environmental Quality, as the permitting agency, to provide adequate opportunity for full public involvement,
including formal public meetings and solicitation of formal comments prior to issuing any permits for effluent
discharge into the Ouachita River. To this point, in the permitting process, we are not aware of any formal examination/disclosure of potential impacts being provided to the general public nor have any alternatives
been developed. It should be abundantly clear to anyone that this entire process must, with all diligence,
seek the best possible solution for eliminating long term impacts given the nationally significant resources
placed at risk by the proposal.

The ADEQ has published in the local paper, that a public meeting will be held in El Dorado, AR at
The Best Western, Kings Inn, on May 18th, 2006 at 6:00 pm.

Clean water and the wildlife and recreation that accompany it are essential to enhancing our quality of life
in south Arkansas. The river along with the nationally important resources on public lands within the Ouachita
Basin downstream of the proposed discharge point are gems in south Arkansas’ crown and the project could
jeopardize these gems unnecessarily.

If any of you have had the opportunity to fish or hunt or just enjoy viewing the wildlife along the Ouachita River,
you could never forget what a great gift it is we have and would want to keep for generations to come.

We are asking for any help we can get with comment points provided in writing by certified mail prior to
the week of June 1, 2006 to the ADEQ opposing this permit. Please feel free to contact us,
Ronnie or Janice Greer,
392 Nick Springs Rd.,
El Dorado, AR 71730,
Home (870) 863-3737
or cell (870) 310-6601
or ronnieg1@prodigy.net
or riverlife_05@yahoo.com,

if you need additional information. We look forward to your response and any comments and aid you could give
us in this matter. You may go to the Ouachita River Foundation to view some of the images and news about this at http://www.ouachitariver.org. Sincerely, Ronnie Greer, President Friends of Felsenthal, Inc. 

For more information as to how you can help go to: http://www.ouachitariver.org/news.htm

Don’t pollute! Don’t keep throwing plastic water bottles away to end up in landfills. Make your own healthy, pure, alkaline water at home. Get healthier. It’s water perfect for drinking. Change Your water…Change Your Life!! 

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Hope you have had a great day. I wanted to let you know about the interesting article in this month’s Vogue magazine regarding chemicals in our environment and the fact that they can cause infertility problems and so much more. Isn’t this alarming? It reminds me of the recent movie “Children of Men.” As one quote brought out, “We’re all awash in a sea of chemicals,” says Sarah Janssen, M.D., PH.D., a scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council. “People continue to be exposed while we try and figure out how to test things.”


The chemicals of primary concern are a “group of synthetic compounds known as endocrine disruptors so named for their ability to mimic or block hormones that regulate many of the body’s functions.” One of these is ‘bisphenol A’, or BPA’s, widely used in…plastics. These migrate from your plastic bottle into the water, juice, or soda it holds….BPA masquerades as a healthy hormone while causing havoc in your body. BPA has been shown in animal studies to cause prostrate cancer and malformed genitals, and to harm mammary-gland development in females at puberty. Low-level fetal exposure in animals has been linked to breast cancer, and a recent study in Japan traced the chemical to an increase in miscarriages.”  Wow! Are you still drinking bottled water?

If you can, pick up this month’s issue of Vogue and read the entire article by Robert Sullivan. He does an excellent job of explaining the subject to make everyone aware of the harmful chemicals we ingest just by consuming beverages in low number plastic bottles and by using many other products we regularly have in our homes. 

What can a person do? Well, fortunately, you can now avoid many of these harmful chemicals and even get healthier by simply making your own pure, Kangen, alkaline water perfect for drinking right at home and using glass bottles or #7 bottles to store it in. You can, also, use the low PH water -acidic water-for personal beauty care and strong electrolytic water for household use and become more eco-friendly for your own health sake and that of the environment. And, It’s so easy to do, too. Contact me for more information. This is so exciting! Change your water…change your life!

To your good health,


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“Water is the noblest of the elements.” Pindar

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Hi-Hope you are having a great summer Saturday.

Do you have your water bottle handy? Turn it over, and look for a little triangle embossed on the bottom, and there should be a number embossed within that triangle. Most water bottles, juice bottles, and soda bottles have a number 1 in that triangle. If that number is below 7, the toxic chemicals in the plastic could very well be leaching into the water. The lower the number the more chemicals. So, if the number is only 1, which it probably is…that will tell you that even more toxic materials are leaching into your beverage of choice including water.

You see water is a solvent. Nature’s most impressive solvent. Your water is shipped and stored in warehouses, for who knows how long, until you, the consumer, buys it and drinks that water with all those added chemicals going into your body.

Not only are many bottled waters derived from the Public Water Source and have the potential of having the chemicals from the No. 1 plastic in the water, but it takes 16 billion barrels of oil a year just to produce the pastic in which it is bottled-not to mention the incredible amount of landfills the bottles occupy each year, and the fact that they take 1000 years to bio-degrade. What a horrible legacy to leave to the children of the world.

So if you are concerned about the environment, let’s stop the insanity!! Let’s get eco-friendly and get healthy, too.

More info next time you won’t want to miss…Have a great day,

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The truth is out! Some brands of commonly used bottled water that consumers buy in stores all over the country come from the local tap source. Because of publishing rights, I can’t post the whole article, but read the article for yourself: “Aquafina labels to tell water’s source” — Click on this link and it will take you there:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19985269/ .

It may be filtered; however, it is then put into Number 1 bottles, and shipped and stored in a warehouse. How can you tell what the number is of the bottle you’re drinking your water from? Get a bottle of water, have it handy, and I’ll explain how in my next post and why knowing this is really important for your health.

Have a great, healthy, safe day,


Email me at: donnsinfo@gmail.com  Please don’t spam me

Go to www.be-alkaline.com to find out how you can make your own, great, safe, healthy, alkaline water at home and be eco-friendly at the same time. Let’s Live Green, save the environment from plastic bottles,  and help heal this beautiful planet and our only home. God bless—

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Welcome back to my blog. I haven’t posted since the end of April, and, oh, how I missed posting and reading  comments and e-mails from my readers.  I was away to be with my dear Aunt Rose who became very ill and subsequently passed on at 94 years “young.”  I took some time off afterward for reflection and to spend time with my family.

Oh, how I miss her, though. She was quite a lady and great inspiration to me with her optimistic outlook on life. She had  a natural ability to tell jokes, getting the punchline perfect everytime. Her right leg was amputated 4 1/2 years years ago; however, she used a prosthetic leg after that to get around independently. Her favorite quip was, “I’m fine, as long as I have one leg to stand on,”  and then she would laugh. And, independent she was. She drove her car, taught her music students for both organ and piano, and volunteered to play the piano at her church and a nursing home once a month. Music was an integral part of her life. She lived to play her music everyday, and she played beautifully. She’d been playing since she was a very young girl.

As I was packing her things, I found the canvas shopping bags she regularly used in shopping for groceries and such. Ever concerned about the  environment and having a love for nature and this beautiful planet, she had an old-fashioned philosophy of “waste not, want not.” Plastic and paper bags were scarce in her little home. If only the earth’s general population had a speck of that mind-set. 

This last week-end, many well-known, dedicated celebrities shared their talent with the world while joining with Mr. Al Gore to express their message of concern about Global Warming for “Live Earth’ the Concerts for a Climate in Crisis.”  People everywhere were further encouraged to live an eco-friendly lifestyle for the sake of the environment and Planet Earth, our only home. I know that my Aunt Rose would wish that everyone be blessed with a long, happy life filled with music and love, while living “green” even into our 90’s, leaving a legacy of a safe, beautiful world behind for children everywhere. 

My aunt had a favorite little poem that I will leave you with. Print it out and hang it somewhere. It’s a great reminder for everyday life and all the wonderful blessings we have.

Have a great evening, and may God bless.


“We Thank Thee”

For the flowers that bloom about our feet;

For the song of bird and the hum of bee;

For all things fair we hear and see,

Father in heaven we thank Thee!

For the blue of the stream and the blue of the sky;

For the pleasant shade of branches high;

For the fragrant air and the cooling breeze;

For the beauty of the blooming trees,

Father in heaven we thank Thee!

For the mother-love and father -care,

For brothers strong and sisters fair;

For the love at home and here each day;

For guidance lest we go astray,

Father in heaven we thank Thee!

For this new morning with its light;

For rest and shelter of the night;

For health and food, for love and friends;

For everything His goodness sends,

Father in heaven we Thank Thee! –Ralph Waldo Emerson


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