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Welcome back to my blog. I haven’t posted since the end of April, and, oh, how I missed posting and reading  comments and e-mails from my readers.  I was away to be with my dear Aunt Rose who became very ill and subsequently passed on at 94 years “young.”  I took some time off afterward for reflection and to spend time with my family.

Oh, how I miss her, though. She was quite a lady and great inspiration to me with her optimistic outlook on life. She had  a natural ability to tell jokes, getting the punchline perfect everytime. Her right leg was amputated 4 1/2 years years ago; however, she used a prosthetic leg after that to get around independently. Her favorite quip was, “I’m fine, as long as I have one leg to stand on,”  and then she would laugh. And, independent she was. She drove her car, taught her music students for both organ and piano, and volunteered to play the piano at her church and a nursing home once a month. Music was an integral part of her life. She lived to play her music everyday, and she played beautifully. She’d been playing since she was a very young girl.

As I was packing her things, I found the canvas shopping bags she regularly used in shopping for groceries and such. Ever concerned about the  environment and having a love for nature and this beautiful planet, she had an old-fashioned philosophy of “waste not, want not.” Plastic and paper bags were scarce in her little home. If only the earth’s general population had a speck of that mind-set. 

This last week-end, many well-known, dedicated celebrities shared their talent with the world while joining with Mr. Al Gore to express their message of concern about Global Warming for “Live Earth’ the Concerts for a Climate in Crisis.”  People everywhere were further encouraged to live an eco-friendly lifestyle for the sake of the environment and Planet Earth, our only home. I know that my Aunt Rose would wish that everyone be blessed with a long, happy life filled with music and love, while living “green” even into our 90’s, leaving a legacy of a safe, beautiful world behind for children everywhere. 

My aunt had a favorite little poem that I will leave you with. Print it out and hang it somewhere. It’s a great reminder for everyday life and all the wonderful blessings we have.

Have a great evening, and may God bless.


“We Thank Thee”

For the flowers that bloom about our feet;

For the song of bird and the hum of bee;

For all things fair we hear and see,

Father in heaven we thank Thee!

For the blue of the stream and the blue of the sky;

For the pleasant shade of branches high;

For the fragrant air and the cooling breeze;

For the beauty of the blooming trees,

Father in heaven we thank Thee!

For the mother-love and father -care,

For brothers strong and sisters fair;

For the love at home and here each day;

For guidance lest we go astray,

Father in heaven we thank Thee!

For this new morning with its light;

For rest and shelter of the night;

For health and food, for love and friends;

For everything His goodness sends,

Father in heaven we Thank Thee! –Ralph Waldo Emerson



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So many great sites are encouraging  kids to get involved and become aware as to how they can help in taking care of our home, Earth. One of them is http://www.ecokids.ca/pub/index.cfm  Children are never to young to appreciate the beautiful planet we live on.

Whnenever you can, take your children on frequent nature walks. Observe the birds, other animals, and the  gorgeous trees in the forest if you’re fortunate to live in an area that allows you to do so. If not, put up birdfeeders and birdbaths to get an upclose familiarity with our little friends. We enjoy our hummingbirds that come to dine at our feeders everyday. They have such awesome personalities for such little creatures.


If you live in a big city and don’t have that option, rent some of the great IMAX and National Geographic movies available that focus on nature. Getting our children and grandchildren to relate to wildlife anywhere and everywhere on Earth will start a love for nature and hopefully instill a feeling of responsibility for doing their part as they grow older in taking care of the world around them. Above all, though,  make it fun. If you’re excited and interested about nature,  about conserving energy, and about  being environmentally responsible, they will, too. Have a great evening.


Be happy & Live Green,



Adopt solar: At www.fuelnews.info ,  view a great little video narrated by Actors Ed Begley, Jr.  and Morgan Freeman, and sign on for  Solar Energy for your home’s electricity needs today with NO  systems $ investment. Call us at 501-624-7500 for more information or questions. Please leave a message as to the best time to get back with you since we may be on the phone with someone else. We look forward to talking with you. You can start to Live Green for no cost to you.


“The sun can produce all the energy in one hour that the world needs for an entire year. Adopting Solar Energy just makes sense. It’s safe and smart. YOU really can make a difference in the life of future generations.”

“What we do to the planet, we do to ourselves.”


Email Stephen & Donna at: adoptsolar@gmail.com





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When you can use an energy source that is totally free, before now very expensive to convert to be useable energy for the home, and be able to get it for no investment, it just makes sense to take advantage of it.

There are many states that are net-metering states at present. Some are not. Rest assured, more states will become net-metering in the future. With the new concerns about putting excessive CO’s into the atmosphere, it will become more of a priority as time goes on, and this company offering solar to home owners in the U.S. will be a front runner in supplying environmentally friendly energy.

I have been asked what net-metering is. To explain it simply, net-metering is the provision in many state laws that require power companies to give you credit for the solar power you generate through the Solar Program. This keeps your costs as low as they can be.

Net-metering laws do vary state by state. A map of the existing net-metering states is given on our web-site as well as a further explanation of the process.

It benefits us all to take advantage of an offer to put solar on our homes when we have an opportunity to do so. We can do our part to contribute in lowering CO2 levels without investing thousands and thousands of dollars on the systems purchase and time and expense in maintenance costs. 

An added benefit of our Solar Energy Program is that you are able to LOCK in your current electric rates for the next 25 years which are rising all over the country and are projected to continue to rise.  That is why so many home owners  are joining with us in choosing solar in addition to it being environmentally sound. Save money and help the environment: Sounds like a winning combination, doesn’t it?.

Watch the movie The Inconvenient Truth,  if you haven’t already done so. If you happen to not be of the same political persuasion as Mr. Al Gore, please don’t give that cause to stop you from viewing it. Do watch it with an open heart and mind. Watch the little video on our website narrated by actors Ed Begley and Morgan Freeman, too, and then you decide for yourself how important it is to use alternative energy sources such as solar on your home. Again, it doesn’t cost anything to sign on for the program. Call or write us at adoptsolar@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.

May you have a blessed day, Donna


501-624-7500-Please leave a message as to the best time to reach you. We look forward to talking with you. Take care.

“The sun can produce all the energy in one hour that the world needs for an entire year. Adopting Solar Energy just makes sense. It’s safe and smart. YOU really can make a difference in the life of future generations.”

“What we do to the planet, we do to ourselves.”

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Is the cost of electricity rising in your area? Around our home town some of the little cities are getting a 63% increase in their electric bill, and it could go up even further. This is really affecting household budgets of young families and of retirees.

Would you like to lock in your current rates for the next 25 years? Well, now you can, and get SOLAR besides for No investment. That’s right. No investment. How? Well, let me explain. This is so exciting!

Normally solar equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars. But, now there is a company that will install and maintain your solar energy equipment on your home with no expense to you. Visit this site  for more information and view a great, short video as to how your use of solar energy can make positive impact our planet.

Our children and grandchildren are enjoying animated feature films such as Happy Feet, Ice Age, and others that are making a statement about the environment. We know that “what we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.”

Switching to Solar contributes greatly to lowering the CO2’s into the atmosphere. You can make a difference for the environment and for your future generations, and at the same time save money.

Go to the site. It costs nothing to sign on. Even if you don’t have your own home, you can still share solar with others. If you are interested in having solar energy or sharing solar with others, call us at 501-624-7500, and leave a message as to the best time to return your call. My husband, Stephen, and I will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

Have a great day, Donna

www.fuelnews.info -Stephen Kudabeck

“What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. Let’s make a difference together.”

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New Life

Hope you are having a great day. Last Friday my oldest daughter had her third child, her first little boy. He is adorable, as a proud Nana would say. He really is, though. I was priviledged to be able to to be there when he was born. There’s nothing as miraculous as the birth of a beautiful little baby. 

As a grandparent, my greatest wish is to have my 6 grandchildren live in a world that is as beautiful as I have been able to enjoy. That may not always be so IF something is not done soon. I hope that you have that wish, too, and that it is important to you.

Take care, Donna


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