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Hope you have had a great day. I wanted to let you know about the interesting article in this month’s Vogue magazine regarding chemicals in our environment and the fact that they can cause infertility problems and so much more. Isn’t this alarming? It reminds me of the recent movie “Children of Men.” As one quote brought out, “We’re all awash in a sea of chemicals,” says Sarah Janssen, M.D., PH.D., a scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council. “People continue to be exposed while we try and figure out how to test things.”


The chemicals of primary concern are a “group of synthetic compounds known as endocrine disruptors so named for their ability to mimic or block hormones that regulate many of the body’s functions.” One of these is ‘bisphenol A’, or BPA’s, widely used in…plastics. These migrate from your plastic bottle into the water, juice, or soda it holds….BPA masquerades as a healthy hormone while causing havoc in your body. BPA has been shown in animal studies to cause prostrate cancer and malformed genitals, and to harm mammary-gland development in females at puberty. Low-level fetal exposure in animals has been linked to breast cancer, and a recent study in Japan traced the chemical to an increase in miscarriages.”  Wow! Are you still drinking bottled water?

If you can, pick up this month’s issue of Vogue and read the entire article by Robert Sullivan. He does an excellent job of explaining the subject to make everyone aware of the harmful chemicals we ingest just by consuming beverages in low number plastic bottles and by using many other products we regularly have in our homes. 

What can a person do? Well, fortunately, you can now avoid many of these harmful chemicals and even get healthier by simply making your own pure, Kangen, alkaline water perfect for drinking right at home and using glass bottles or #7 bottles to store it in. You can, also, use the low PH water -acidic water-for personal beauty care and strong electrolytic water for household use and become more eco-friendly for your own health sake and that of the environment. And, It’s so easy to do, too. Contact me for more information. This is so exciting! Change your water…change your life!

To your good health,


www.be-alkaline.info -Get the newsletter and the free book, watch the videos and peruse the site. Find out for yourself the amazing benefits of Electrolytic Water and what it can do for your body, your skin, and your home. Avoid the chemical invasion of the 21st century and live holistically and eco-friendly. God bless—-


“Water is the noblest of the elements.” Pindar


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Welcome back to my blog. I haven’t posted since the end of April, and, oh, how I missed posting and reading  comments and e-mails from my readers.  I was away to be with my dear Aunt Rose who became very ill and subsequently passed on at 94 years “young.”  I took some time off afterward for reflection and to spend time with my family.

Oh, how I miss her, though. She was quite a lady and great inspiration to me with her optimistic outlook on life. She had  a natural ability to tell jokes, getting the punchline perfect everytime. Her right leg was amputated 4 1/2 years years ago; however, she used a prosthetic leg after that to get around independently. Her favorite quip was, “I’m fine, as long as I have one leg to stand on,”  and then she would laugh. And, independent she was. She drove her car, taught her music students for both organ and piano, and volunteered to play the piano at her church and a nursing home once a month. Music was an integral part of her life. She lived to play her music everyday, and she played beautifully. She’d been playing since she was a very young girl.

As I was packing her things, I found the canvas shopping bags she regularly used in shopping for groceries and such. Ever concerned about the  environment and having a love for nature and this beautiful planet, she had an old-fashioned philosophy of “waste not, want not.” Plastic and paper bags were scarce in her little home. If only the earth’s general population had a speck of that mind-set. 

This last week-end, many well-known, dedicated celebrities shared their talent with the world while joining with Mr. Al Gore to express their message of concern about Global Warming for “Live Earth’ the Concerts for a Climate in Crisis.”  People everywhere were further encouraged to live an eco-friendly lifestyle for the sake of the environment and Planet Earth, our only home. I know that my Aunt Rose would wish that everyone be blessed with a long, happy life filled with music and love, while living “green” even into our 90’s, leaving a legacy of a safe, beautiful world behind for children everywhere. 

My aunt had a favorite little poem that I will leave you with. Print it out and hang it somewhere. It’s a great reminder for everyday life and all the wonderful blessings we have.

Have a great evening, and may God bless.


“We Thank Thee”

For the flowers that bloom about our feet;

For the song of bird and the hum of bee;

For all things fair we hear and see,

Father in heaven we thank Thee!

For the blue of the stream and the blue of the sky;

For the pleasant shade of branches high;

For the fragrant air and the cooling breeze;

For the beauty of the blooming trees,

Father in heaven we thank Thee!

For the mother-love and father -care,

For brothers strong and sisters fair;

For the love at home and here each day;

For guidance lest we go astray,

Father in heaven we thank Thee!

For this new morning with its light;

For rest and shelter of the night;

For health and food, for love and friends;

For everything His goodness sends,

Father in heaven we Thank Thee! –Ralph Waldo Emerson


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There are many pros and cons on a lot of subjects, Global Warming and the environment being one of them. There are still many skeptics. All one has to do is go on forums and on-line chat rooms. There are many debates regarding the reality of Global Warming. I am just pleased that there are so many experts that look at this issue as something to take very seriously. 

Taking care of the earth and being good stewards is just something we should be doing anyway-God commanded it in Genesis 2:15: My Post 4-21. Not taking care of it and continue debating Global Warming could lead to an irreversible disaster in the coming years.

Skeptics, I ask you: Is it really worth the debate? Why even take  a chance with our children and grandchildren’s future? Why take the chance of even more animals facing extinction than are already on the endangered list about to join those that are already gone never to be seen again? That’s a tragedy.

Just think about it, will you?    

Peace to you, Donna

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This post is dedicated to the upcoming Earth Day tomorrow, April 22nd. I can’t help but put a little spiritual slant to my post since I’m a minister. I’m not going to preach to you; however, in order to truly Live in Joy on this beautiful planet we all call home, our home has to be the best we can possibly help to make it. Why?

Remember the scripture in Genesis 2:15, says.”Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it.”

That word “keep” in Hebrew is a very special word. It means to care for something so gently and completely. It means to make sure that no harm comes to it, to cherish it as a mother for her baby. That was the command that God gave to man. That was man’s responsibility, which is now our responsibility collectively.

Let’s all take notice of the things that are happening to our “home” which is the only one we have, and do what we can to “keep it.” What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves. Let’s make sure we do our part and give our children, grandchildren, and future generations to come a beautiful, safe, healthy world in which to live and enjoy life as we have had the privilege of doing.

We can stop Global Warming or at least slow it down so we have a chance to make things better and keep the earth beautiful; however, we can only make a difference by working together and making changes NOW. As one little girl said at the end of 20/20 last night hosted by Diane Sawyer, “Be nice to the earth.” She couldn’t have said it any better. As the scriptures tell us, “And a child shall lead them.”

God bless you,
Pastor Donna

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